Globe Lights: Would You Rather?

Globe pendant lights can be done so many ways – in so many shapes, sizes, finishes. Whether arranged together or as a single light, a globe pendant light always seems to look good.

Today we’ve got two different kinds of globes going on. The first is a giant globe that looks to be made out of paper – like a paper lantern. It is hung over a quaint seating area with an intricate ceiling medallion. The second set of globes takes place over a modern dining set, where the globes are made of a smoky amber glass and arranged in a cluster of escalating height.

Both are two totally different looks using one simple element – a globe pendant. Personally, I’m really loving the giant globe  – it’s just fun and different.

If you absolutely had to choose between these two looks – which would you rather?

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October 1st, 2012 by Christina

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