Painted Drawers: Love this Look?

When I say painted drawers, I don’t mean painted on the exterior – I mean painted on the interior! I guess I should have elaborated in the title, but it doesn’t really have a nice ring to it!

Anyway, today I’m looking at two different styles of painted drawers – on the inside of the actual drawer and on the exterior of the actual drawer – not the front or drawer panel. Does that make sense? The photos above may help to make it more clear.

In the top left and bottom right photos, you can see the exterior of the actual drawers are painted, while in the top right and bottom left photos, the interior of the drawers are painted. Both ways offer a whimsical surprise that will make anyone who opens the drawer smile.

What do you think – do you love this look? Where in your home would you implement the look of painted drawers??

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September 11th, 2012 by Christina

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