Modern Lake Houses

This past weekend was spent with my fiance and his family up in Lake George, NY. The view is unbelievable and the weather was absolutely gorgeous – my sunburned face can attest to that!

Anyway, while we were cruising on the jetskis checking out the gorgeous houses, I started thinking about my dream lake house and how it would be much more modern than a lot of the houses up there. While some of them are more contemporary, I think most of the houses up there are more traditional and mountain-looking. [If that makes sense!]

Like the modern lake houses above, I would want a lake house with lots of windows so that the spectacular view that comes with living on a lake could be seen from any room from any angle. I also love when the architecture provides plenty of sitting space for everyone’s viewing pleasure. There’s something wonderful about staring out onto a lake all day!

Do you ever dream about living on water? What would your dream house there look like?

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