Sofa Searching

Sofa searching is like soul searching. [Or soul mate searching.] It’s really tough to find the perfect one!

Anywa, I may or may not have mentioned the mess of a basement I have due to Hurricane Irene’s visit in August of last year. We had just moved in in July and the finished basement was a major plus – until the hurricane hit and we had to rip up the floors, cut up some sheet rock and treat it for black mold. Gross!

I’m mentioning the basement now because we’re finally having someone come in to work on it – which means time to plan for new furniture! Specifically a sofa, because that’s what will be the most important down there. There are tons of furniture stores NYC and NJ, but since I probably won’t venture out, I luckily found a really great site,, that will deliver to my home for free. Free delivery on a sofa? Yes, please!

Plus, they carry Coaster Furniture, which is perfect for what we’re planning for – stylish but extremely affordable. Since it’s just the two of us, the basement isn’t a place that we’ll use all that often, but I am thinking that I want a nice spacious sofa, maybe even a sofa bed, for when we have extra guests. (So they don’t have to sleep on my good sofa!)

I’ve still got a while to browse, as they are just about to start fixing up the sheet rock, but the last time I purchased a sofa, it was a long process. Although, I am really liking those modern sofa beds that look like a normal sofa by day and then flatten out by pushing the back down by night. Do you have any sofa recommendations? Sleeper sofas?


May 10th, 2012 by Christina

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