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My fiancé is big time into watches. A few years ago, it was really bad. He would watch ShopNBC almost every night and order new watches all the time. In addition to all of those, he has a few nicer watches, but for our wedding I’d love to get him a really, really nice watch. Probably the most well-known online watch retailer, Chrono24, stocks nearly 100,000 watches ranging from a couple hundred dollars all the way up to $1m and more. I don’t know if I could ever afford one of those pricey ones, but you never know right?

Just check out some of these expensive Panerai watches to see what I’d really love to get him. (And don’t worry if my fiancé sees this – our wedding is over a year away, so he will definitely forget about this post by then!)

Oh and yes, you saw right. That’s $970,000 for the most expensive ‘listed’ Panerai watch! (Anything priced at over $1m is only available on request.) More realistically, second hand watches can be considerably cheaper though, just in case you (like me) don’t have a cool $1m to spend.

As we all know, fashion takes many forms, and for all those wanting something a little retro, you can buy original military watches for a reasonable price. By original military watches, it literally means a watch that somebody wore when fighting a war! How cool is that?

I don’t know about you, but I do consider a watch to be a fashion accessory as well as a collector’s item. But when I do spend a small fortune on buying the perfect one – you can bet I’m going to make sure my fiancé doesn’t drop it in this!”

If you’re married or getting married soon, what have you given or what are you giving your spouse as a wedding gift?

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April 26th, 2012 by Christina

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