Six Different: Groundhog Day Cards

Happy Groundhog Day! As you probably have heard by now, Punxsutawney Phil saw this shadow this morning, signifying six more weeks of “winter.” I say “winter” because it’s been in the 60’s the past few days! How has it been where you live?

I know it’s not an important – or realistic – holiday, but Groundhog Day fascinates me. I can’t get it to load right now – but I was looking at earlier – and they have a Groundhog Club that had their annual Groundhog dinner last night. I think Phil was there. I think I may have to join.

Anyway, if you’re as fascinated as I am – send a Groundhog Day card to someone you love. Or to me, I don’t care! I didn’t even know they had Groundhog Day cards, but sure enough – here’s six different ones for ya!


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February 2nd, 2012 by Christina

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