Different Colored Chairs: Love this Look?

There’s a lot going on with these chairs. There’s the same chairs in all different colors and all different chairs in all different colors. I thought about throwing in an image or two with different chairs in the same colors but that was a little too much for me!

So instead let’s just focus on the different color idea here. Could you do it? Are you daring and color-loving enough to do a mish-mosh of color at your dining table? Or are you more of an orderly person that prefers all of their dining chairs to match?

There’s a less intense options for this look with subdued colors as the first table with the Eames chairs, rather than bright and vibrant chairs that are almost neon. Another option is to mix three neutral chairs with three different colored chairs for more of a balance.

When it comes to dining chairs of all different colors – do you love this look? Which way do you prefer?

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January 17th, 2012 by Christina

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