Six Different Placemats

It’s always fun to switch up your table decor every once in awhile. For myself, I’m getting sick of pulling out the same placemats every night, so it’d be nice to invest in a few more designs, especially since it’s only two of us most of the time!

Are placemats something you have a collection of or just use the same ones for daily dinners? Here are six different modern placemats to get you (or just me!)  inspired to expand your collection:

1) Kim Seybert Champagne Big Glitter Place Mats
2) DIANE von FURSTENBERG “Miro Applique” Oblong Placemat
3) Slate Placemat
4) Lacquer Square Placemat
5) Chilewich Dahlia Gold Placemat
6) Rectangle Fan Placemat in Malachite



January 9th, 2012 by Christina

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