So Pinteresting: New Year’s Eve

Just three more days until New Year’s Eve! Do you have big plans?

There’s still time to plan a fun little get-together or to add some glitz and glam to whatever you already have planned. Above you’ll find some inspiring ideas to implement this weekend. Although the Ball Drop Cupcakes may be a tad out of my league, I can totally print out that cute subway art and throw it in a frame by Saturday. (And hey, so can you!)

Are you making anything fun for New Year’s Eve?

So Pinteresting means the items were found on Pinterest first – so here’s each item with their pin and source!

1) Cork Numbers – Pin, Site
2) Champagne Table w/ Balloons – Pin, Site
3) Ball Drop Cupcakes – Pin, Site
4) Resolution Reminder Bracelet – Pin, Site
5) Subway Art in Glittered Frame – Pin, Site
6) Auld Lang Syne Banner – Pin, Site

December 28th, 2011 by Christina

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