Weekly Six: 12/23/11

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve! Are you ready for the holiday festivities this weekend? I am! (But I need a nap first.)

Here’s this week’s Weekly Six – if you have time to check them out!

1) Let me just get this out of the way: I need that diamond immediately. IMMEDIATELY! (It’s made by Ron van der Ende)

2) Since it’s getting colder, let’s dream of spending time in warm weather on this awesome modern outdoor furniture that looks like it melted into the ground.

3) There’s still time to make some chocolate truffles for the holidays!

4) And also time to make these DIY bows from leftover magazines.

5) Here’s a DIY for after the holidays: lacquered bowls for all the jewelry you got for Christmas or Hanukkah!

6) If you have little ones, I suggest uploading a photo of your home to shown them how you caught Santa leaving their presents. I love this idea! (Image from their Flickr page)

And that’s all! Have a lovely holiday weekend and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

December 23rd, 2011 by Christina

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