Recipe Radar: Christmas Morning Breakfast

While sifting through Pinterest,  I saw a recipe marked “for Christmas morning” and it got me thinking about traditions that many people have while they open presents. My grandma always made a Christmas tree out of cinnamon buns and decorated it with green and red. Does your family have any traditions like this?

If you don’t, you’ve come to the right spot! I’ve put together six different recipes to keep on your radar that would be great for Christmas morning – most because they’re festive but a couple because they’re easy – so you can focus on other things (like opening gifts 0r in my case probably wrapping the last few!).

And if you have kids – I love the Santa pancakes and Christmas tree French toast – how adorable!

So anyway, here are the recipes!

1) Cinnamon Roll Wreath
2) Fruit Christmas Tree
3) Big Pine French Toast
4) Santa Pancakes
5) Green Chili Egg Puff
6) Egg Brunch Casserole (in the crockpot!)



December 21st, 2011 by Christina

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