Gorgeous Glittery Holiday Decor

How is gorgeous is all of this sparkly and tinsel-y decor? If I visited this home, I wouldn’t want to breathe or move for fear of knocking something out of it’s perfect spot. Each corner of the home is full of abundant decor and each display seems very thoughtful.

Once you find out who’s home this is you’ll know why. Can you guess who’s home it is?

Martha Stewart!

While browsing through Martha’s website this morning, I visited her blog for the first time and found these photos of her beautiful Bedford home. Her home isn’t exactly what I would call modern, but I think her holiday decor leans towards contemporary – especially with that first image of trees. Would you agree?

Anyway, if you enjoy checking out other people’s Christmas decor – or just Martha’s decor – head to this blog post here!

[All images from The Martha Blog]


December 20th, 2011 by Christina

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