Have A Seat In My Settee

My sofa is probably one of the most modern pieces in my home. I just love the straight lines that a modern sofa has – the way it parallels the surrounding walls no matter how close or far away it’s situated. Does that make sense? Because it’s my favorite! And those straight lines contrasted with soft cushy cushions, like the black sofa above. I love it!

Those two sofas above are modern designer sofas from fashionforhome.co.uk. If you haven’t visited their website, I highly suggest it. They have a large variety of styles and colors – including a lot of mid-century designs, which I really like.

Not that I necessarily need another sofa, but I do enjoy browsing around. And we will be redoing our basement soon. And I do have a few friends that are moving soon. Hmm….maybe I should show them some couches from Fashion for Home! Or these stylish settees. (Because settee sounds far more posh than couch!)

Can we just talk about that deep pink sofa settee for a moment? I love how it stands out and pops against the white room. Its so sweet and petite! And if you’re really having fun, you can say to your guests: “Would you like a spot of tea? Have a seat in my settee!”

What do you think – would you put a pink sofa anywhere in your home?


December 14th, 2011 by Christina

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