Thanksgiving In London

Hello everyone – hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

As my parents have been living in London for the past four years, we have spent three out of those four years celebrating Thanksgiving there, this year being the third. Soon after landing on Wednesday morning, we headed to Harrod’s to get some fun decor for our table, which you see above. (Have you ever been to Harrod’s? It just may be the best place on this Earth.)

And how about those Chilewich placemats? Just enough sparkle for a holiday table, yet versatile enough for everyday use. Plus, we found the perfect red and gold napkin rings to pull the red chairs into the design. This was the first time we’ve ever attempted a decorated table and we think it came out quite fabulous – would you agree?!

Also, since they’re also discussing what it’s like to have a Thanksgiving in London over at Apartment Therapy and about the pin feathers the British leave in their turkeys – I thought I’d share a photo of our own turkey:

If you look closely, you can see little black specks which are indeed the pin feathers. The first year we celebrated in London, the turkey was full of those little things and my mom told us all that it was rosemary! She later told us all what they really are and thankfully we’re able to eat around it. Regardless of the feathers, their turkey is arguably better than it is here in the States.

Where did you spend Thanksgiving this year? What did your table look like?


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