Monochromatic Rooms: Love This Look?

Would you be able to live in a home with a room decorated completely in one color? Or is it just a look that you love but would never consider replicating?

I think I fall in the second category. I love the idea of a monochromatic room – it would be far less daunting to decorate, I think. Kind of like an “anything goes” approach – as long as all of your anythings are the same color!

While I love the idea of keeping the floors and the walls similar colors, I love the red room with bright white walls decorated in only red wall fixtures. And the red floors with layered red carpets. Now that’s fun.

But could I live with it? Maybe I could… What about you? The real question is – what color would you choose to do an entire room in? Of course I love the pink, but my boyfriend probably wouldn’t!

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October 24th, 2011 by Katie

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