Dining Etiquette

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I found this Dining Etiquette 101 image on Pinterest today and it got me thinking about the way I dine – and the way people I typically dine with dine. I definitely don’t follow all of these rules – do you?

I certainly don’t use my fork as a pusher when eating dessert. Nor do I tear my pieces of bread up into small pieces and butter them one by one – I dip the whole piece in some olive oil and scarf it down!

On the flip side, these are definitely good things to know. I like the way you’re supposed to eat soup – that’s very proper. The complete place setting is also appreciated, because I’m not always good with that. Just remember – fork and left have four letters, knife, spoon and right have five letters.

What do you think about Dining Etiquette 101? Do you or those you dine with need a crash course??

October 5th, 2011 by Lyn

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