The Springwood Collection

The Springwood Collection is a set of modern seating arrangements created using a unique wood that springs as you sit.

The collection includes three stools, a three-seater bench and a side table. Shown above is Restless Legs, one of the stools. Another stool, the Original,  has stationary legs.


The Bridge is the three-seater bench that has three springy wood seats and a powder coated frame. The springy wood seat is created using ash wood that has many intricate slits to assist in flexibility. Each seat has more than 480 slits created using CNC technology.

Shown above is the Clip, which is the third stool in the series. The legs of the Clip are folded like a paper clip using stainless steel.

The Springwood Collection is designed by Carolien Laro, a graduate student in Amsterdam.

May 20th, 2011 by Lyn

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