Chool is a half chair / half stool seating arrangement from Slam.

In resting mode, it is a modern stool that can be stored underneath tables and desks. When someone sits down on the Chool, the entire seat descends a few inches to be at standard seat height. As it descends, the Chool has a back that rises. When the person rises, the Chool goes back to its resting position. However, there is a button that locks the position of the Chool.

As seen in the first image, there are several different varieties of Chool available, made with all different materials in different styles.

The Chool is completely made in Britain, near London, and all products and fabrics come from Britain as well. Slam is an industrial design company that was started in 2007 by James Lucas.

March 16th, 2011 by Lyn

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