The Perfect Loveseat for a Lover’s Quarrel

With  two ergonomic seats that face opposite ways, the Loveseat by Riva 1920 is ideal for a little lover’s quarrel.

When you want to relax, you can do so without facing the one you’re arguing with! Whether you’re quarreling or not, the seats of the Loveseat are positioned in a way that makes it easy to maintain eye contact and hold a normal conversation.

Eco-friendly as well as ergonomic, the Loveseat is made from the heartwood of cedar tree trunks. This modern loveseat is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, provided it is shielded from excessive exposure to ice, sun and water.

Loveseat is made in Italy and designed by Jake Phipps for Riva 1920.

March 11th, 2011 by Lyn

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