The Splice Collection


Located by the south coast of England, the designers of the Splice Collection based their designs off of the  angular shapes of the sea and related equipment, such as dockside machinery and ship structures. Consisting of stools and a table, the Splice Collection is made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

The Splice Stool is made from sustainably sourced Birch wood. It is available with a natural seat or with colorful 100% wool felt, which is also eco-friendly, on the top panels.


The Splice Table is also made from sustainable Birch wood.  Both the Splice Tool and the Splice Table can be used in commercial areas, as well as indoor and outdoor settings. Each piece is finished with a natural, painted finish and left with a worn edge to represent the wear and tear that happens to machinery and ships used at sea.

The Splice Collection is designed by Fry & Fry for Liquidesign.

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