Jufuku Bamboo Furniture


Created by Kenyon Yeh, the Jufuku Bamboo Collection consists of a table, stool and cabinet. Each piece is made from sustainable, lightweight bamboo.

As Jufuku means to overlap or repeat in Japanese, Kenyon Yeh used a single shape to begin each piece. He then repeated that single shape to complete each design and create an end result.  By looking at each piece in the collection, the repeating shape in each is easily identifiable.

To get a closer look at each piece:


Jufuku Cabinet

Jufuku Stool

Jufuku Stool

Jufuku Table

Jufuku Table

Kenyon Yeh is a designer based out of London, England. Check out his website to view more of his designs.

January 3rd, 2011 by Lyn

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