Thin Black Lines


Thin Black Lines is a series of 29 pieces created by Nendo, a Japanese Design Studio. Throughout the end of October, the pieces from Thin Black Lines are being exhibited at Phillips de Pury and Company in London, England.

The series contains various chairs, tables, stools, vases and bowls constructed from solid black tubular steel. In the photo above are two pieces from Thin Black Lines, the left is a table and the right is a chair. Prices are available upon request at Phillips de Pury and Company’s website.

Nendo, created by Oki Sato in 2002, means “clay” in Japanese. With experience in architecture, interior and graphic design, Nendo is displaying Thin Black Lines as well as Blurry White Surfaces, another set of unique designs created by Nendo.

If you happen to be in London, or are planning a trip before October 31st, stop by and check out Thin Black Lines!

October 12th, 2010 by Lyn

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