Cool Concrete for a Cool Day

It’s a cool, autumn-like day in our neck of the woods so it’s easy for us to relate to the cool, sleek look of the concrete furniture designed by Urbis Designs. Shown above is the Shell Bench, a shapely bench with a smooth finish, also available in white. Below is the Orchid Table in slate, available in a smooth or stony finish.

Each of these pieces is made using GRC,  short for glass-reinforced concrete. With GRC, Urbis Designs creates beautifully molded planters and furniture. GRC is made from a structural mixture of glass fibers and fine concrete to create a material that is as durable as conventional concrete, but weighs less. Several finishes can be created from the GRC technique, anything from a stone finish to a metallic.

What do you think about concrete furniture? Is it something you would implement into your decor?

September 20th, 2010 by Lyn

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