Hold On To Summer

With the Acapulco Chair.

Doesn’t it ignite feelings of hot days on the patio that turn into warm nights? Since that season is a few weeks behind us, we can only start preparing for next year. Or a vacation.

The Acapulco Chair was designed in the 1950s in Acapulco, Mexico. Supported by a steel frame, the seat of the Acapulco Chair is created by weaving vinyl cording. The versatility of the vinyl cords enable the Acapulco Chairs to be made in a large variety of colors.

Greenpointworks is a company based out of Brooklyn, NY that hand-crafts Acapulco Chairs right here in the United States. They even make a rocking chair model of the Acapulco!

Where do you see yourself relaxing in the Acapulco Chair?

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