Wall Piercing

Unlike body piercing, Wallpiercing is pain-free!  And easier to maintain, we’re sure.

Designed by Ron Gilad for Flos – Soft Architecture, Wallpiercing is an innovative and eco-friendly lighting fixture. Flos- Soft Architecture is a collection of contemporary lighting fixtures designed from sustainable materials.

Wallpiercing is made of color changing LEDs that allows for many different structures and color varieties. Initially, Wallpiercing is made within mobile plaster and then mounted into suspended ceilings or false walls. The rings of Wallpiercing can be displayed individually, or in pairs as seen above.


The bright rings of Wallpiercing can also be arranged in custom designs, such as the colorful pattern seen above. How would you incorporate Wallpiercing into your decor?

September 7th, 2010 by Lyn

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