Oh, Oh It’s Magica, You Know…


Designed by Italian designer Davide Conti, the Magica and Magica 2 Chair appear to be magically standing on one leg. The Magica, the black chair, is designed to appear that it receives support from the back of the chair that extends down while the Magica 2, the white chair, zig-zags to theoretically gain support from the front of the chair. However, there are two transparent plexiglass pieces on each side of the chairs that sturdily support the body and make it usable.

Although the Magica Chairs are still in the conceptual phase, they would be a great way to fool friends at home or guests and passersby in restaurants and hotels.

Here’s a better look at the transparent plexiglass on each chair:


What do you think about the Magica Chairs? Would you be comfortable sitting in them?

August 10th, 2010 by Lyn

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