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Strathmore Rug

You know when your plane starts descending and you know it’s almost time to land, and you look out the window and see the same world you’ve always seen but in a whole new way – from above it all?  It’s a common experience that I’m sure many of us have shared, the beauty of which designer Liz Eeuwes appreciated enough to capture.  Her new collection of rugs illustrates exactly that, and you can see from these images that it is both an intriguing idea and a beautifully illustrated concept.

Strathmore Rug

Pictured in these two images is the Strathmore Rug, inspired by a bird’s eye view of the Scottish countryside.  Her collection also includes the Lisse inspired by Tulip Fields and the Bali by rice patty terraces. This collection will be shown in the Futures Area at 100% Design as part of London Design Week 2009 from September 24-27. Learn more at Eeuwes’ website.

September 23rd, 2009 by Christina

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