Trend Tile - Bathroom

Tile on the wall? Sure we’ve seen it before in bathrooms, but we’ve never seen in quite like this. Trend USA offers a collection of tile “wallpaper” that give any room a unique new look.  Different sizes and styles offer completely different looks for all types of homes and spaces.

Trend Tile - Wall

I like the idea of so many choices of tile, and would love to give my bathroom a totally unique look like the one above. Not so sure about the living room or bedroom though. What do you think?

Pictured here are Eclectic and Smart.  See more here.

July 6th, 2009 by Christina

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  2. blondeblogger says:

    I agree. The pattern in the second image is lovely, though I wouldnt want it in my living room. Great find though- lots of great choices.

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