Forget Solar Panels

Solar Table

and get a Solar Table! This is more than your ordinary table, this table has the potential to revolutionize the way energy is stored and produced. The top is covered with cells that collect solar energy all year, feeding your home with energy you need.  Sleek style and energy conversation? Well, I’m sold. 

And as an added bonus, it kind of looks like you’re playing a crossword puzzle too, which as a writer I love.

This table is the first of its kind, but plans are underway to create a bench, light, and flag pole as well. Check out more about it here and see more from its designer here.

June 25th, 2009 by Christina

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  2. blondeblogger says:

    I think its great that they are finding ways to make using solar power pracitcal.. I hope this leads to more people considering it. Great design.

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