Stephen Colbert to be cloned?

Stephen Colbert

Time to take a break from our love of modern furniture and discuss something else thought provoking. That something is really someone Stephen Colbert, who may just be the man who saves mankind. Ok well let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but Colbert (who you know from The Colbert Report) is indeed sending his DNA to space.

“I am thrilled to have my DNA shot into space, as this brings me one step closer to my lifelong dream of being the baby at the end of ‘2001,’ ” Stephen Colbert.

 Stephen Colbert

Colbert’s DNA will be digitized and deposited at the International Space Station once its delivered by Richard Garriot (a video game designer with enough $$ to go on a private space mission). It will then be preserved so aliens can clone him should the human race ever become extinct.  A whole race of Stephen Colberts…. your thoughts please.

October 10th, 2008 by Christina

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