5 Days Until Easter: Cute Ideas to Enhance Your Easter Dining Experience

6 days until Easter – Aside from all the delicious food you’ll be having – there are a few ways you can make your easter table look even more festive this year, adding a little charm and delight to the Easter holiday spirit.

Lamb Shaped Butter – simple and smooth edible decoration



Dyed Easter Egg Centerpiece – eye catching and sparkling table dyed egg centerpiece

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Fresh Cut Spring Flowers – In the spirit of spring, spruce up your table with some fresh cut flowers – daffodils, lilies or daisies for a bright and charming look

Chocolate Fondue Fountain – To really dazzle this year, try a chocolate fondue fountain – perhaps instead of easter baskets – surround it by fruits, marshmallows and shortbread cookies

Jelly Bean Dishes – As another alternative to easter baskets – petri dishes with multi colored jelly bellies on the table add color and sweets to the spread

Porcelain Candle Scene – Add a few large candles seated on a bed of grass with porcelain bunnies and easter eggs around them for a classic look

This are just a few ways to increase the appeal of your Easter experience this year using simple design techniques.

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