6 Best Luxury Additions to Your Home to Improve Health & Wellness

Thinking of adding extra rooms or an extension to your home? There are better additions to improve the quality of our home and of our lives than simply adding more space. Below are some luxury additions we can make to our home that will increase its value, improve our health and give us more of a reason to love where we live!

1. Building an indoor or outdoor personal sauna – Saunas are rooms typically built of wood where hot rocks are contained to heat the room to high temperatures where you can sit or lay down to sweat. Saunas can improve cardiovascular issues and improve circulation. They increase heart rates similar to a light cardio work out and they are excellent for shedding any water weight gain and removing toxins from the body.

2. Installing jacuzzi jets in the bath or adding a whirlpool– Jacuzzis are typically very high temperatures where fast moving jets pump out water rapidly creating a cyclical force that surrounds you. The high temperatures and pumping of water can improve circulation, massage sore and aching muscles and is known to help reduce cellulite.

3. Sensory deprivation tank – These are definitely on more of the expensive side but the benefits are exceptional. Sensory deprivation tanks look similar to extra large bathtubs with a lid on top – sort of like a futuristic pod. They contain high levels of magnesium sulfate in the water which allows you to float – similar to the dead sea. Such a high level of magnesium sulfate can help relax muscles and help reduce tension in the muscles, spine, bones and soreness throughout the entire body. The lid on top puts you in complete darkness as you float. If you acquire noise canceling, waterproof headphones, you can add an even greater element to the mix. Now, light, sound and density are removed from the experience – excellent for deep meditation and slowing the heart rate down which can help reduce anxiety, energize and increase mental clarity.

4. Light Therapy bed – When buying or building your own light therapy bed – its important to be sure the light waves being emitted are the right ones for your specific use. It’s important to do thorough research and to know the length of time that is best to spend in such bed. Light therapy beds are used for a variety of health reasons. They are known to treat seasonal affective disorder, depression, circadian rhythm issues, jet lag, a multitude of various skin problems including eczema, acne and psoriasis. In some cases, they are used for primarily beauty reasons – such as darkening the skin but can also be used before a vacation to prevent sunburn if your skin has not been exposed to sunlight for a long time.


5. Green Room – Can also be referred to as a sun room – although it may seem common but so few people use these wisely. Sun rooms have large glass panels for natural light to stream through them are insulated to keep heat inside. Add a variety of plants, vegetables and trees to your green room and spend time in it taking deep elongated breaths. Due to the plants and trees, the room contains greater levels of oxygen which can improve circulation, lungs, increase relaxation and reduce snoring, stress and anxiety. It is an excellent space for meditation, clarity of mind and to heal many issues throughout the mind and body.

6. Home Gym – Build your own home gym – you can work out anytime of day or night, which is especially helpful if you work an odd schedule or if there are a ton of people at the gym. You can take as long as you want on any machine and it’s more sanitary – sometimes in enclosed spaces where many people are exerting sweat and breathing heavily the environment can be filled with more germs – on one hand this can improve your immune system  but on the other hand it can make it easier to become sick more often.

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