5 Most Flatulent Producing Foods

We all get a little gasy from time to time, flatulence or farting (hehe) is common but can happen more frequent by certain foods we eat. Its good to know what foods create more of this than others especially if you’re giving a presentation, in a meeting, during class or on a date!


5 Most Fart Producing Foods – in no particular order but when combined together create especially lethal results.

Sugars (real and fake) – Cabbage, onions and a few other vegetables contain complex sugars and almost ALL fruits.  Fruit drinks, sodas, ironically sugar-free food (like those for diabetics) and gum.

Dairy –  Milk, ice cream, cheese – If you are lactose intolerant this can sometimes cause the opposite effect and you can become extremely constipated. But once the milk starts moving, you are sure to have some diabolical farts brewing before you get to the bathroom.

Starches – Potatoes, corn, pasta and wheat – one safe starch is RICE!

Fiber – Peas, beans, carrots, apples, oranges and oat bran are good for your metabolism and digestive tract but because they are difficult to break down they can create excess gas

Fried Foods – Fried foods contain a lot of oil (the type of oil used is very important, oil that is used multiple times in a row without being changed becomes contaminated over a period of time so they can often back up your system, when combined with a “kick” like cayenne pepper or hot sauce, the oil is backing you up while the spice is trying to push it out, thus creating some of the most intense, frequent and smelliest farts ever encountered!

It’s important to note that more gas is common when a combination of food, beverages and substances are in your system. For example, I’ve found that on particular holidays I am more flatulent than others because I am not only eating more but I am eating a combination of different foods in one sitting and sometimes alcohol (and even stress) is sometimes involved.  Your body is a interconnected organic machine so every part (mind, body, spirit) counts!

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