Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Traditional weddings typically have the ceremony in a church, synagogue, temple or in a designated place in a banquet hall. However there are many different venue locations to have a wedding ceremony and reception.

Cavern and Caves – Wouldn’t it be lovely to celebrate the official marriage of you and your partner inside of mother earth? If you’ve ever visited a cave or cavern they typically have tour guides that walk you through and show you around. Some places have areas designed for couples to be married. There is usually beautiful lighting set up already to showcase the caves key features and you can pretty much hold off on decorating with the natural lovely formations¬† such as the hanging icicle-like stalactites from the top of the cave and spiraling stalagmites that rise up from the ground.



Howe Caverns New York Marriage Platform Designed for Wedding Ceremonies


Art Museums and Sculpture Gardens – Surrounded by larger than life sculptures and amazing artwork is another great location for a wedding ceremony or reception. Most art museums and sculpture gardens that host weddings will have platforms or specific areas designed for the couple to be wed.

Grounds for Sculpture, Sculpture Garden Wedding Ceremony Platform NJ

Grounds for Sculpture Auditorium Seating Wedding Ceremony Platform NJ


Planetariums – You can get married with the entire solar system and deep space around you symbolizing infinite love and the forever voyage you are about to embark on. Plus you can give your guests a stellar light show at the same time.

planetarium wedding ceremony

Planetarium Wedding

Salt Mines – Gorgeous cathedral salt mine designed and made entirely of salt

Salt Mine Wedding Ceremony





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