Love This Look? Contemporary Chic Combined Scandinavian-inspired Innovation

Scandinavian furniture design is known for its clean cut edges, crisp features, sturdy build and especially for its innovation – whether it be through inventing new ways to design furniture or creating multi-functional furniture designs.

This look combines the contemporary style of black and white contrasting colors with chic hints of metallic accents mixed with elements in Scandinavian furniture design seen in the Divani Casa Rixton Sectional including a strong build with sleek edges and sharp, angular legs.

The highlight of this sectional is its ability to transform into 3 different pieces of furniture in one design. It serves as a three seat sofa, a chaise lounger and it can be converted into beds.

Its dark gray upholstery subtly stands out among the white walls, flooring and other furnishings without being ostentatious. The darker metallic decor matches well with the sectionals upholstery and the silver metallic vases and sculptural art matches well with the sectionals shiny metal legs.

The touch of green provided by the tree in the corner and the modern rug placed directly in front of the sectional is a neutral color highlighted by pale blue and light brown designs. This look shines a light on modern minimalism, highlighting contemporary chic with a touch of Scandinavian style and innovation.

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