Fun Ways to Make Healthy Snacks Look Cool For Kids

It can be a real challenge to get your little ones to eat healthy snacks especially when the bad stuff comes in such colorful and entertaining packages. I mean, have you ever seen those cereal boxes? The back of the box features games, cartoons and other fun things – it even makes me want to eat it while knowing the sugar content is out of control! Kids, like adults need sustainable energy, anything with a boat load of artificial sugar is only going to make them crash and burn, but how to get them to eat boring old carrots or string beans? Make the snacks look cool and tasty you have a way better chance of getting them to at least try it!

Vroom Vroom Race Car Fruit Snacks


Cut apples into slices, stick two toothpicks through both ends and add green or red grapes on each end of the toothpicks

Orange Juice Ice Pops

Fill up an ice tray with orange juice or another healthy fruit juice, let them sit in the freezer to harden up a bit then stick Popsicle sticks or toothpicks in the center of them and allow them to freeze over night

Frozen Banana Treats

Bananas going bad? Stick them in the freezer, the peel may turn into a yucky dark brown color but the banana inside will be extra tasty! Peel it back and cut it into slices for your kids to enjoy. It’s creamy and sweet.

Veggie Critters

Slice up some celery and spread cream cheese and / or peanut butter in the center of them. Place cherry tomatoes, grapes, pretzels or whatever else you’d like on top of them. Add toothpicks as antennas or pieces of the celery if you want to make it fully edible.

Ladybug Sweet Treat

Take slices of apples and add dabs of peanut butter on them. Place raisins on the peanut butter like dots on a ladybugs wings. Take a slice of a red grape and place on one end of the apple, secure with a toothpick but unnecessary if just placing on plate!


January 23rd, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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