Create Colorful Snow Globe Sound Makers Using Old Christmas Ornaments

A great craft project for kids that is perfect for celebrating winter, new years or really anytime of year are making mini snow globe sound makers. These musical snow globes are not only fun to create but if you add a few sound making elements to the mix, they make great festive maracas, sound shakers and hand held rattles.

It’s really very simple to do and you can be as creative as you want when you make them!

What You’ll Need: 

  • Plastic Christmas Ornaments
  • Pebbles
  • Tiny bells
  • Confetti
  • Coins
  • Tiny white pom poms
  • Rubber bands
  • Jumbo Cotton balls
  • Strong glue (hot glue, guerilla glue, etc)
  • Anything else you might like inside your snow globe

It’s really quite easy! You take a clear plastic ornament or an old plastic Christmas ornament you won’t mind reusing- obviously you want it to be plastic especially if kids are handling them and shaking them around.

Simply add in pebbles (which you can easily find right in your backyard), add a few tiny jingle bells – acquire at your local craft store or even a dollar store may carry them. You can also opt for coins (pennies should work!), they make a great jingly noise. Tiny white pom poms can also be found at the craft store.

The poms poms help the sound be a little softer when rattling around and look like snowballs. Don’t add too many of them or it can be difficult to hear the sound.

The last step is adding the confetti. Once you like the sound your jingling snow globe makes you can add the colorful confetti to the mix. This all for aesthetics, of course. You can opt for multi colored confetti or you can acquire those tiny snowflake shaped pieces to give it that full winter wonderland snow globe effect! Some people leave this step out but I enjoy the way it looks.

Secure the lid using a few extra thick rubber bands tied securely around the top. Wrap them around a few times as you don’t want your little ones potentially hurting themselves with the metal piece on the ornament. I recommend that option for older kids, but if you are working with young children, you can stick a white cotton ball snugly in the top like a stopper and add a little glue to the sides of the cotton ball or apply directly to the inner rim of the ornament to make sure it stays.

It may get a little noisy at first if you have a lot of kids rattling them around but it will be well worth the smiles on their faces!



January 15th, 2018 by Alexandra Christina

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