Keep Your Rooms Toasty Warm with Electric Fireplace Space Heaters

Heat on the fritz this winter or perhaps you don’t have heat in your home? No problem! There is a cool way to keep your rooms toasty warm and add a little fun to the mix as well.

I spent a week staying in a friends spare room in their attic this past holiday season, they had to prepare quickly for my arrival as it was unexpected but they did an awesome job! The highlight of the space upstairs – their faux fireplace which served as both a powerful and visually pleasing space heater during my stay!

Unlike other space heaters, they are in an enclosed space for safety and to add to the appeal of looking like a “real” fireplace.

What looks like coals or burning wood light up red with a screen in the background with yellowing flames rising up to show you it is on. Plus, it makes a great nightlight and is very soothing while asleep.

Knobs on the front allow you to control the temperature manually.

Most space heaters even come with a tiny remote control to be able to manipulate the temperature.

The electric fireplace is relatively quiet, it was so realistic I could have sworn I heard crackling like a real fireplace though or perhaps it was just my imagination!

You can opt for a more modern looking electric fire place or one that has more of that classic style to it.

Electric fireplaces are portable and you can plug them in just about anywhere as long as you have a power outlet! These are a great alternative during those colder winter months!



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