Best Smelling Wood You Can Burn to Make Natural Incense

I’m sure you’ve seen incense sticks, they are sold everywhere from gas stations and  convenience stores to candle shops and bookstores, but did you know there are some woods you can burn that have a natural aroma which works the same way as an incense stick purchased from a store?

Palo Santo Wood


Incense has been used throughout the world for many ceremonial, ritual, traditional and religious practices. It also serves to freshen up a foul smelling space or give the space an extra delightful scent.


Palo Santo


Bundled Sweetgrass




Cedar Wood Sticks

You can experiment with trees in your own backyard by breaking off a few twigs, lighting one end on fire and then blowing it out to smell the smoke that is produced. Use caution – we don’t want you getting burnt or causing any forest fires. Be sure to burn wood that is dry – avoid doing this if it has rained within the last couple of days.


December 27th, 2017 by Alexandra Christina

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