Smart Tips for the Day After Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas, the kids are playing with their new toys, you are taking a breather after all the mayhem and it’s almost time for the new year. First, give yourself a pat on the back for doing a great job making Christmas extra spectacular this year – but there is still more preparations to be done! Don’t worry though – this will make things smoother for upcoming year.

Few Days After Christmas Checklist: 

If you have children, don’t let them open every single toy or gift they receive right away. A new toy every month or every couple of weeks will keep them entertained until Christmas rolls around next year. It also saves you from living in messy toy town for the next week and keeps the potential pleading for new things at a minimum.

Stock up on gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper, cards and christmas supplies for next year – all the Christmas stuff is marked down and clearanced – don’t wait too long though, shelves go practically empty by the third or fourth day after Christmas.

Receive gifts you weren’t crazy about or did the kids receive double of something? Create a space in your closet, attic or basement for any extra gifts to regift for next year. Some people think its tacky but I think it’s smart, it saves you time, money and it allows someone else to really enjoy something you were only slightly excited about. Just be sure to tape a note on it reminding you who it came from – you wouldn’t want to regift it to the same person who gave you it – there is a possibility their feelings might get hurt.

Tons of leftovers? Find places to donate extra food like shelters or food kitchens. Do your research and call beforehand, most places won’t accept food that isn’t sealed or already made but if you purchased extra canned goods or anything unopened, it feels good to give to others. If you have extra already prepared food, there are plenty of people who are still in need and if you live in a city and see someone in need, there is no reason not to offer them something to eat. If not, you could freeze anything you think might not get eaten in the next or so! 

Take christmas decorations down slowly. Why the rush to send Christmas out the door right away? Slowly start to put those santa graphic hand towels and snowflake soaps back in the closet. Wait until after New Years to take the Christmas lights down. Take the wreath off the front door at the end of January. Winter doesn’t end just because Christmas does, the lights, decorations and good cheer is also meant to keep us smiling through the rest of the cold and dark winter months.

Enjoy your gifts to their fullest and enjoy how much everyone is loving the gifts you gave to them!




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