8 Days til’ Christmas: Sealed with a Kiss Mistletoe Christmas Tradition

8 Days til’ Christmas Countdown: Kissing under the mistletoe is a christmas tradition that has its origins in ancient practices specifically in places with colder climates or those that experience cold winter months.

Mistletoes are plants that grow on a variety of trees including oak, apple and willows. The mistletoe was believed to help with specific ailments and health issues such as epilepsy, arthritis and infertility. However, consumed in large quantities as with many potent plants and herbs it could be highly poisonous. Today, some herbalists and medical practitioners say it can be used as a helping aid in curing cancer.

Mistletoe is a resilient plant that keeps its rich green color and prospers all winter long, even in the some of the coldest conditions.

It’s strength and vitality made it a symbolic token of eternal life and good fortune – becoming incorporated into rituals, ceremonies and hung above doorways as a representation of prosperity and everlasting peace even when conditions were brutal – like during those harsh winter months.


The saying “sealed with a kiss” is similar to that of a pinky promise, a way of consummating the word, action or thought between two people.

When entering a friends home, know that when you walk under the mistletoe you and the host made a symbolic oath to keep peace between one another upon entering the home.

When walking under the mistletoe with another person, you can seal your friendship and eternal bond with a kiss – if you place a mistletoe over another person, let them know it is a loving and friendly gesture of peace and good tidings.

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