11 Days til’ Christmas: Raining Money Umbrella Christmas Gift Idea

11 Days til’ Christmas Countdown: Giving cash for christmas? The Raining Money Umbrella is a super cute way to give cash this Christmas without simply sticking it in a holiday card. This idea is especially useful if you are giving one large bill or a couple of larger bills.

What you’ll need

  • Umbrella
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Scotch Tape
  • Cash money (minimum of five bills)

Buy an umbrella you think the person might like (just don’t get one of those transparent umbrellas or else you will ruin the surprise! Let’s say you are giving $100, turn them into $5 bills or $20 bills.  Cut string with your scissors. You will want string that won’t get tangled up if you are using more than twenty bills for your gift. Otherwise, you can use dental floss or fishing line. There is a chance your strings may get tangled up regardless especially if you are using a lot of bills. Don’t worry, the idea is still awesome.

You can make the strings all of the same length or try different lengths but do not make them longer than the canopy of the umbrella when it is closed.

Tape one string per bill on the outer edge of the bill. Then tie each string with a bill attached to the metal prongs that are attached to the canopy. Space them a part well enough to avoid tangling.

Then gently close the umbrella. Give it a test. When they open their brand new umbrella, the money you tied should hang down! It is a cute surprise and puts a smile on their face!

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