12 Days til’ Christmas: Make a Personalized Custom Gift Calendar

12 Days til’ Christmas Countdown: A really wonderful gift idea that is personalized and budget friendly is a personalized gift idea. This is great for family members, couples or to give to good friends!

Most office supply stores will have the resources for you to print out your personalized calendar or you can do it from the comfort of your home online and it is fairly simple to do! Gather your favorite photos and memories of you and your loved one and choose a photograph for each month of the year. You can put a spin on this and make it a personal to that individual solely.

For example, if your friend really loves breakfast foods, you can make each month a different breakfast food! A silly idea but maybe your friend has a goofy sense of humor!

Another idea is if they are an artist or really love a particular artist or art style, you can take nice photos of their artwork and find nice photos of their favorite style of artwork and add one for each month. This can show you admire their artwork and you support them every day and every month of the year.

Know someone working towards a goal this year? You can make each month a motivating quote or a visual reminder inspiring them to achieve their goal.

This idea is wonderful because it is personal to the special someone you are making it for and it is a fun and creative activity for you as well!

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