13 Days til’ Christmas: Make Your Own Inspirational Christmas Ornaments

13 Days til’ Christmas Countdown: Spread the holiday cheer this year by making christmas ornaments with positive quotes, affirmations and inspirational compliments to decorate your own tree and to give to family and friends!

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What you’ll need:

  • Glitter
  • shiny confetti
  • white paper
  • multicolored construction paper (optional)
  • scissors
  • clear round ornaments

Using your scissors, cut white paper into strips that are wide enough to write on but short enough to fit snuggly inside of your ornament. You can also add a colored piece of construction paper behind the white paper for extra pizazz!

On each strip think of optimistic, happy and kind quotes or words that you or someone else would like to hear. For example, I received one from a friend of mine that said “You are wildly beautiful.” A few others you could use are “Your smile makes the whole room light up,” or “You have a big heart and a magical soul,” or “You are a loving and empowered person.”

Write one of these on each strip of paper. Open the clear ornaments and add glitter and confetti, then place one quote in each ornament. Close the tops and shake them up!

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Very gently add these ornaments to a large bag and have each of your friends and family members select one or you can hang them on your christmas tree and let them chose their own!

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