18 Days til’ Christmas: Sync Your Christmas Lights to a Local Radio Station

18 Days til’ Christmas Countdown: Want to create an amazing musical light show this year using your christmas lights? You can do this fairly easy in a few simple steps.

You’ll want to purchase a light control box with an audio-in port (and synchronization programming in case you want to use your own music at another time) and a wireless FM radio transmitter in order to sync your christmas lights to a broadcast. The idea is when someone tunes into your channel, the light show seen will be in sync with the music being played on their radio.

  1. Decorate your house with christmas lights in an assortment of colors, different patterns or in any display you find attractive, make sure all of your lights are attached to one another
  2. Plug your christmas lights into the power outlet on the light control box. You can also use a power strip with a surge protector (for larger displays) and plug this into the power outlet on the light control box.
  3. Plug the light control box into a wall outlet, turn the light control box switch on
  4. Plug your wireless FM transmitter’s audio connector into the “Audio In” port on the light control box. Switch on the FM transmitter’s power switch.┬áThere should be multiple position switch or a toggle switch for the audio options on the light control box.
  5. Set your FM transmitter frequency with the radio frequency you wish to use. Stations in the lower numbers work best. Match the radio’s FM frequency with the FM transmitter’s frequency. Check the instructions on your device for assistance with tuning.
  6. Test it for yourself!

Sometimes it can be a little challenging to match the frequencies perfectly so the quality of the sound may come in a little fuzzy or distorted but several factors come into play such as those tuning in, the device being used or the surrounding environment. Some solutions may be removing obstructions and testing different spots to place the equipment. Also using the right equipment and finding the right channel plus a little time and patience you can create an amazing light show that will dazzle the whole neighborhood!


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