3 Ways to Heal Abdominal Pain Without Ingesting Anything

When suffering from abdominal pain, if our stomach is cramping it can be difficult to want eat, drink or ingest anything especially if the pain is overwhelming. Even if the causes are unknown, here are 3 ways to easily help both external and internal abdominal pain without digesting anything.


1. Acupressure – The “abdomen 36” is an acupressure point found by placing your palms on both kneecaps. Use your ring finger and press the bony protrusions to the side of the head of the shin bone. Using strong pressure massage the area just below it on both legs. This can also be used to help relieve stress which is a possible cause of frequent abdominal pain.


2. Heating Pad, Tummy Rub and Fennel Essential Oil Combo – Gently rub your abdominal area with essential oil in a circular motion with a few drops of fennel, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil diluted with 1 tsp of oil such as jojoba, sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil. Make sure to not use too much of the essential oil as they are very potent and can irritate the skin. Place a heating pad over your hand and stomach to warm the area at the same time. Play a gentle guided meditation or soothing music to help you relax.

3.¬†Posture – Sometimes cramping occurs in the abdominal area because of the surrounding muscles cause by poor posture, sleeping alignment or lack of stretching and movement. You can remedy this by laying on the floor or a flat surface for 30 minutes to an hour a day flat on your back to realign the spin. During the day, check your posture especially when you are in movement. Look at a full body profile view of yourself in a mirror or a reflection if you aren’t sure. Stretch in the morning before you start your day. Make sure to not be stationary all day and at least get up to take a walk even if its only for 10 minutes – it can be difficult to want to move around when your stomach hurts but it could be the very thing that alleviates the pain.

Self-care can heal our stomach issues often deemed incurable or unable to heal using at home treatment. Give these a try and keep exploring different at home solutions to help with frequent stomach pain.

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