Natural Remedies: Lemon

The lemon tree originated in India and is one of the oldest cultivated fruit plants. Lemon trees primarily grow in subtropical climates especially like Florida and the Mediterranean. Lemon has many different purposes and health benefits besides its use as a culinary accent.

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Oddly enough, although the lemon has a very sour and acidic taste, it actually can help reduce hyperacidity in the body. Lemon juice and peel have an antiseptic effect and leaves of the tree uses to reduce fever. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, strengthening the immune system and act as antioxidant and protects cells from free-radical damage. The lemon can stimulate the appetite, aids digestion, relieves cramps and strengthens the bodies defenses. When ingested internally it has anti-inflammatory action helping to cleanse the body by promoting perspiration and acting as a diuretic.

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Uses of Lemon: 

Energy and Vitamin Boost – Eat a lemon or add a lemon to your tea or water –  lemons contain Vitamin C, the vitamin will be carried throughout your body in a few minutes and increase your performance while relaxing you.

Digestion – Lemon enhances the absorption of iron and calcium from foods and stimulates the production or enzymes and digestive juices in the mucous membrane of the stomach. Applying lemon to hot water or to tea and drinking several cups throughout the day can help speed up your metabolism and help with weight loss.

Emergency Disinfectant – Apply lemon to minor wounds or lesions in the mouth and throat. You can apply it directly or gargle with it.

Relieves joint and nerve pain – The oils found in the lemon peel can help relax blood vessels and produce an anti-inflammatory effect when applies externally. Grate the skin only getting the yellow part of the peel. Rub this on the area of the body in pain and then wrap them with a bandage for 1 -2 hours.

Sunburn – Lemon juice can work as an excellent astringent and pain reliever. Dilute it with water and apply with a cotton ball.

Blemishes – Mix lemon juice and honey to create a facial mask especially if you popped any pimples that day with minor open wounds to reduce inflammation and as a natural astringent.

Fever reduction, coughs and cramps – Pour boiling water over lemon leaves and steep for 10 min. Add honey to the tea to help with these ailments.

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When picking your perfect lemon, its best to go for organic lemons especially when using the peel, as most fruits (the inside) that have peels are less affected by non organic growing methods. The lemons should be firm and bright with a fine-grained skin. If a lemon is heavy for its size then chances are it is very juicy!


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