12 Days Until Halloween: Creative Parent and Child Combo Halloween Costume Ideas

12 days until Halloween countdown!

When I was a child my mom came up with such a cute concept for a combined halloween costume.

She dressed up as a witch and I was her little spider. She made a little web attached to her dress so she could keep me close while trick or treating. Not only was this idea adorable but it served as a smart way to keep us together while we went from door to door.  Years later I saw pictures and I thought I’d share a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

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Big and Little Pumpkin – Pumpkin vines to keep us close

Parents can dress up in a pumpkin costume, whether they make it themselves or buy from a halloween store. They can also just wear an orange shirt or a nice sweater. Pumpkin costumes can be a little unflattering for adults. However, for kids, pumpkin costumes are absolutely adorable!

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They can dress their little one up in a mini pumpkin costume. Go to your local craft store and pick up a long and thick piece of green fabric and some faux green foliage or artificial vines.

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Artificial vines and foliage usually have pliable stems, you can bend and wrap the stems around the green fabric and secure it using a hot glue gun or fabric glue. Then attach one end of the fabric to your costume or to your wrist and the other to your child’s to prevent your little squash from straying to far away from the patch!

Dinosaur Park Ranger / Dinosaur Tamer and Baby Dinosaurs – Who needs a string when they know who is in charge and who is protecting them?

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If you have children whom may be too old to have their costumes attached to yours but you still want a fun combination costume and most importantly to be sure they stay safe during the night, the dinosaur tamer and baby dinos is an ultra cute halloween costume idea.

Parents can purchase or make their own safari park ranger costume. A beige shirt and shorts with a brown belt, safari hat and thick white socks with brown work boots will do the trick. Cut a name tag into a shield shape and place it on one of your shirt sleeves with the words “Dino Tamer” or “Dino Park Ranger” written on it.

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Then grab your child a dinosaur costume, the dinosaur of their choosing of course! If you have a particularly rambunctious lizard, don’t be afraid to step into your dino tamer role for the night and remind them who wears the beige shorts in the family!

These are just a few ideas of creative family combination halloween costumes that incorporate fun and safety – a winning pair for both parent and child on halloween night!

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