14 Days Until Halloween: Booze Apple Bobbing for Adults

14 Days Until Halloween!

Booze Apple Bobbing is a classic game with a fun adult twist to the mix! If you are throwing a halloween party this one is fun to make and there is a good chance more guests will want to participate in the festivities.

The classic game consists of a large bucket filled with water with about a dozen apples, sometimes more, sometimes less, floating around. The idea is each person takes a turn only using their mouths to grab as many apples with their teeth and pull it from the bucket. They are usually given a set amount of time and whoever gets the most apples wins a prize.

Booze Apple Cider bobbing follows the same set of rules only with one variation – the apples were soaking in a hard alcohol for a week or so ahead of time. The concept is similar to rum and vodka soaked gummy bears.

Grab a 1 – 2 dozen whole apples. Combine apple cider, apple juice, white or brown sugar and cinnamon sticks in a large pot and bring to a boil. Allow to cool. Add a 190 proof moonshine or grain alcohol to the mix.

Then add your apples and tightly seal. If you don’t want to get too fancy with it, you can grab a caramel vodka and combine your apples with that.

A week or more is ideal. You can use a giant mason jar or even a large cooler to keep your concoction until ready for use.

Use the apple moonshine the apples were soaking in as a beverage to serve at the party.

The bonus of this version – you probably won’t need any prizes since the apples spread enough cheer to go around!

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