Sexy Supper for Two: How to Make the Best Home Dinner Date Ever

This sexy dinner idea applies to both men and women and is a sure fire way to make your date swoon. Before you worry about how you look, think about what you are going to serve, ever heard the phrase, ” the way to a man (or womans!) heart is through their stomach?” Well, I love good food and when its made by the right person, it tastes even better.

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Have a menu set – appetizer, entree, dessert and a nice bottle of wine

Serve foods that aren’t too heavy or smelly – you and your special friend don’t want to feel bloated, gasy or have bad breath by the end of the meal.

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Use foods that are known to be aphrodisiacs. For example, as an appetizer you can serve oysters with a sprinkle of lemon juice and horseradish on top or artichokes with a basil and lime dipping sauce.

For an entree, try lobster tails with butter or a spice infused olive oil served with roasted asparagus seasoned with a little salt and pepper,  you can also make a nice ceviche served over a rice pilaf.

For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries or mini fruit tarts with a drippy center and a fruit compote on top.

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For drinks – a chardonnay or champagne is best

Don’t forget to add a few tealight candles at the dinner table or in the surrounding area. Lighting is important, not only can it change the way you look but the lower the light the larger your pupils dilate because they are attempting to take in as much light as possible to see – there has been research done that says larger pupils are more attractive because it subconsciously shows you are more interested in the person you are engaging with.

For preparation – take a shower, dress up in your most flattering outfit, keep it classy, sexy but also casual. Spritz a little perfume or cologne on the nape of your neck and a little in your hair. Pop in a breath mint and put on mellow music – jazz or soul work great.

After dinner – do a collaborative activity together, paint together on a canvas, make music, dance together in your living room, go for a night walk, write poetry and recite it to one another, give one another massages – do something that will bring you and your partner into a deeper state of connectivity

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Now that you know the secrets to a great dinner date, there are no excuses! Get out there and give your special someone that super sexy at home date they’ve been waiting for.

August 23rd, 2017 by Alexandra Christina

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